Disney book brings ‘Happily Ever After’ to life, businesses

Decades of work experiences around the world for Walt Disney Co. form the basis of a new book called “Beyond the Castle: A Guide to Discovering Your Happily Ever After” by Jody Jean Dreyer.

Dreyer says she held 22 different positions with the company, starting with a merchandise job on Magic Kingdom’s Main Street and winding through a stint with Disneyland Paris and another with the marketing of Disney films. She left about five years ago and has been working as a business adviser.

“After I left Disney, people would come and say ‘Tell us the magic behind the magic,’” Dreyer said. “What you realize when you’re on the inside, it’s not really magic at all. It’s a lot of principles put to work.”

Those encounters eventually inspired the book, written with Stacy Windahl, which deals with topics such as teamwork, communication, hospitality, synergy and making connections, sprinkled with Disney-based anecdotes and facts.

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