Flippers Pizzeria




Flippers Pizzeria, Sea World Location, 6125 Westwood Blvd. Orlando, FL 32821

Back in 1999 we took our first visit to Orlando. Stopping by the Wynfield inn as it was back then. After a long trip we collapsed into our room tired and hungry. Not having the energy to leave the room we looked at the take away menus on the table. Flippers was the first one we picked up and ordered.

The Pizza and Garlic bread was delivered and we were blown away, ever since then every visit no matter where we stop must involve at least one visit to Flippers. Even after all these years when we talk about our first trip…. yes we remember Disney, Universal and how hot it is, but always have fond memories of Flippers.

June 2013 we returned for our fix, we were greeted by Perry at the Sea World Location. Perry and all the staff made us feel at home and were extremely helpful.  We had our favourite Triple Pepperoni and we asked Perry which did she recommend so we had the Vesuvio with some garlic bread to round it off.

Dont matter how long between visits, it is always consistently amazing.

Cannot recommend Flippers Pizzeria enough, yes the food is amazing but the staff make the whole experience something special and i cannot wait until our next visit.

This is always the saddest part of a Flippers Pizza


Theres Pizza then theres Flippers Pizza !!




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