It’ll be 82 degrees at Kelly Park’s first New Year’s Day not-so-frosty ‘Polar Plunge’

Participants in Orange County Parks and Recreation division’s first-ever Black Bear Polar Plunge will b-b-b-brave everything but frigid temperatures New Year’s Day at Rock Springs — as the first day of 2019 is expected to be a balmy 82.

Even the forecast low is an un-frosty 65. The historical average high for Jan. 1 is 70 degrees, according to

In Canada and northern U.S. cities like Boston, Chicago and Milwaukee, some otherwise sane people in swimsuits traditionally celebrate the new year by chopping a hole in lake ice and leaping into water, often for charity but frequently just to say they did it.

The clear spring-fed water at Rock Springs is a constant 68.

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